About us

Today we start a new page in the lottery sector with a Game that is Global.

TBG team of excellence!

TBG is privileged to have the highest calibre of its team. Currently we are 35 people running the ongoing projects, including previous executives of several Government licensed Lottery Operators, Lottery sector experts, exquisite technology Masters, Innovation architects, International Legal support etc..

Our Servcies


TBG Overview

The Big Game S.A. (“TBG”) is advanced technology supplier that facilitates official and licensed / government-licensed lottery operators around the world offering very unique business solutions. Approach and service of TBG in its heart is set to be fresh, attractive, new-generation, modern, versatile but still very much synchronized with traditional lottery operation practice.


The company specializes in multi-jurisdiction eco systems as a Coordinated Solution Provider trying to match the business needs such as :

  • Game design - lotto type and other games of chance
  • E-commerce – convenient plug-in solutions in existing lottery systems
  • Marketing - local or international approach
  • Coordination of the lottery games for various lottery operators
  • Legal support, especially for multi-jurisdiction nature
  • Sales development


The company’s entry points to the market are exclusively the national lottery operators that are licensed to operate in their respective territories.


We embrace not to change the lottery operations. We though crave to enhance the Games, shape this sector to be fun, attractive, transparent! Having a healthy relationship with government-licensed lottery operators around the world is a main drive of TBG. We strive in building a long-term partnership and hand in hand upgrade the current lottery market with our services.