A whole new Lottery experience

Looking back in time, we started to shape the World Lottery Game in 2018 and developed the technology a year after to support the fluent operation of this challenging multi-jurisdiction system.


About the TBG World Lottery game

The Lottery Game that we have created is driven by advanced and unparalleled technology at our current time which offers simplicity, transparency, security, global network and data immutability and lots of fun with higher Jackpots as a signature of the game.

It is draw-based game which connects various countries arround the world, therefore it’s not limited to regional territories / it is a global one! The game is to be played nationally in local currency, using existing POS channels under Operator local legislation and regulations.


We share a glimpse of advantages below:

  • Shared prize pool for all continents
  • Attractive playing environment
  • Full transparency for the lottery operators and their respective regulators
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Fits to all generations
  • Unparalleled Jackpot size attractiveness
  • and many more…